Do you really want to drink that water?

Fluorine is a Micromineral that was once regarded as “probably being essential”.  More recent evidence indicates that Fluorine is NOT essential for humans.  It is present in the human body in the form of Fluoride. Fluoride has recently been added to the Brisbane water supply and the following information might surprise you.
Generally, Fluoride’s only health benefits occur when it is applied topically to the Teeth.  Oral supplementation is not recommended.  No human disease has ever been linked with a Fluoride deficiency - now what does that say...
Fluoride is found in the following
  • Herbs: cornsilk, tea         
  • Fruits: Bananas                                            
  • Processed Foods: Many processed foods and beverages prepared with fluoridated water contain fluoride.
  • Vegetables: Cabbage                                              
  • Water: The daily dose of Fluoride which most people are receiving via fluoridation is 1.6 to 6.6 mg per day.The concentration of Fluoride added to drinking water is 0.7 – 1.2 mg per liter.
  • Environmental Sources: Environmental sources of Fluoride include:- pesticide residues, fluoridated dental products-     mechanically de-boned meat.

Toxic Effects of Excessive Fluoride Consumption

The symptoms of excessive Fluoride consumption are known as Fluorosis. The list that follows is extensive so i have put it in point form for easy reading.
  • Aging Process - accelerate the progression of the Aging Process. 
  • Digestive System - increases the risk of Gastritis. 
  • Excretory System - damages the Kidneys.  
  • Immune System -  increases the risk of Liver Cancer, increase the risk of Osteosarcoma and Thyroid Cancer.
  • Metabolism - causes Goiter, damages the liver, slows down Thyroid function which may lead to Hypothyroidism. 
  • Musculoskeletal System -  Arthralgia (Joint Pain), this occurs as a symptom of Skeletal Fluorosis; damages bones, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, increase the risk of Fractures esp in Osteoporosis patients. 
  • Nervous System - impairs Attention Span, causes Brain damage, damage the Hippocampus, reduces Intelligence, accumulates in and damages the Pineal Gland and may interfere with the Pineal Gland’s production of Melatonin. 
  • Oral Health - damages the enamel-forming cells (ameloblasts) of the teeth, leading to increased porosity of the enamel and reduced mineral content of the teeth (known as dental fluorosis and characterized by white spots or yellow-brown staining and loss of enamel).  Fluoride (when ingested via the Water supply through fluoridation with the Silicofluorides forms of Fluoride) may indirectly increase the prevalence of tooth decay (by increasing the retention of lead – increased lead levels are known to increase the prevalence of tooth decay).If you would prefer fluoride free toothpaste - we stock snappy jaws and red seal, they both come in many flavours.
  • Reproductive System - increases the risk of Female and Male Infertility.  Excess exposure during pregnancy may cause brain birth defects.

Fluoride may Interfere with these Substances

Hormones -  Fluoride may reduce the production of Melatonin by the Pineal Gland and inhibit the production and action of Thyroid Hormones. It is also know to inhibit the release of Thyrotrophin from the Pituitary Gland.
Minerals -  Fluoride may reduce the absorption of Calcium, displace iodine and interfer with magnesium.
Proteins - Fluoride may inhibit the production of Collagen and may damage the body’s existing Collagen. 

Forms of Fluoride 

  • Aluminium Fluoride (also known as Fluoroaluminum complex (AlF3) is formed when Aluminium in drinking Water bonds with Fluoride in drinking Water.
  • Calcium Fluoride is a supplemental form of Fluoride that consists of Calcium bound to Fluoride.  Supplemental Fluoride is no longer recommended.
  • Silicofluorides (SiFs) are a group of Fluorides produced as a by-product during the manufacture of phosphate fertilizers.  This is commonly added to the water supply.
  • Sodium Fluoride (NaF) consists of 28% Fluoride + 72% Sodium.  It is a by-product of Aluminium refining that never occurs in nature.  Sodium Fluoride is very easily absorbed by the body but excessive intake is toxic.  This form of Fluoride is an active constituent of some commercial brands of Toothpaste and is the form of Fluoride that is added to the Water supply in some countries.  
 I hope this has cleared up a few misconceptions about fluoride in the water supply... do you still want to drink it.
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