Kids Health tips

Have the colds hit your children yet.
As children go back to school for the year, they will be faced with many challenges, including the challenge of fighting off recurrent infections at school and day care. Healthy immunity is especially important as it sets the stage for good health in adult life.
We all know how great Echinacea is for a cold but there is another herb out there that doesn’t get as much recognition. The immune stimulating herb Andrographis paniculata. Andrographis has been shown to reduce the intensity of cold symptoms in a five day, including during an acute respiratory tract infection. Within 2 days a significant reduction in symptoms of tiredness, sleeplessness, sore throat and runny nose can be seen and it only gets better from there. 
Keeping your children rehydrated helps with learning.
Recent studies showed that children that suffer confusion, irritability and lethargy are often even mildly dehydration. By making sure your kids are drinking enough water, not soft drinks, cordials and juices will help improve concentration. 
Not-so mellow yellow.
The yellow food colouring tartrazine has been shown to deplete zinc in children with ADHD, whose zinc levels are often already compromised. Therefore it not only makes your children hyperactive put can by linked to lower zinc levels which can lead to numerous immune system problems, it also interfere with gut enzyme activity in digestion. 
I will keep you updated with kids health tips as the year goes on...













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