Nutrient Rich Foods

Have you ever wondered what foods contain Vitamin A or even Amino Acids.


Meat - Beef, Lamb, Mutton, Pork, Chicken, Veal, Turkey All fish Cheeses Eggs Protein powder - whey, soy Legumes Nuts


Iso-leucine Pumpkin seeds Cheese - esp cheddar Chicken, Turkey Meats Fish - esp Trout Peanuts Legumes Nuts

Methionine Spirilina Cheeses - esp Parmesan Red meat Chicken, Turkey Soy Protein Nuts & seeds

Meats Dairy Egg yolks Nuts & seeds Brassica vegetables

Soy Protein Spirulina Cheese Meat Legumes Nuts & seeds

Whey protein Soy Protein Bakers yeast Spirilina Meat Legumes Nuts & seeds

Tryptophan Soy protein Spirilina Bran - wheat, oats Cheeses Meats Nuts & seeds Eggs

Valine Pumpkin / Sesame seeds Meats Eggs Nuts Cottage cheese Legumes Trout / Cod / Prawns Rice


Vitamin A

Fish liver oil- halibut, cod Liver- Veal, lamb, beef, chicken Egg yolk Butter Carrots Tomatoes Rockmelon Apricots Mangos Pumpkin Peaches Spinach Sweet potato - kumera (Basil / Chives / Parsley

Vitamin B1 (Thiamine)

Yeast, brewers Yeast spreads Wheat germ (fresh) Sunflower seeds Sesame seeds - Tahini Soybeans Buckwheat Wheat bran Oatmeal Pork Cashew Peanuts Mustard powder

Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin)

Brewers yeast Yeast spreads Liver-Beef, chicken, lamb, veal Kidney- Beef, lamb, veal Almonds Cheese - parmesan, cheddar Wheat germ (fresh) Milk powder - cow/goat Almonds Egg yolk Chilli Mussels Oysters Anchovies Brocolli (raw) Parsley

Vitamin B3 (Niacin)

Bakers yeast Dried yeast Yeast spread Rice bran Wheat bran Rice flour Peanuts Red meats Kidney - Beef, lamb, veal, pork Liver - Veal, lamb, beef, chicken Emu Chicken Salmon Sardines, anchovy Tuna White fish Chilli Passionfruit Sesame, sunflower seeds

Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic acid)
Liver - Lamb, chicken Dried yeast Yeast spread Rice bran Cheese - camembert, brie Egg yolk Mutton Pork Cashews Peanuts Cocoanut - dried Crab Salmon Mushrooms - stir fried

Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine)

Kangaroo Chicken Turkey (lean) Mutton Veal Salmon Silverbeet Eggplant (aubergine) Sunflower seeds Pistachio nuts

Vitamin B12

Liver- chicken Sardines Mussels, Oysters Rabbit Egg – duck & chicken Scallops Carb Mullet Snapper Cheese - camembert, brie Beef Veal Lamb Turkey


Yeast spread Liver - Chicken, lamb Vege juice - carrot, celery, silverbeet, parsley Orange juice Cocoa powder Flour - chickpea, soy Wheat germ Wheat bran Limes Hazelnuts (raw) Peanuts (raw) Sesame seeds Spinach Cabbage Chives Watercress


Yeast spread Rice bran Sundried tomatoes Almonds Peanuts (roasted) Hazelnuts, pistachios Sunflower seeds Soybeans (cooked) Mushroom Brocolli Pork, chicken, turkey

Vitamin C
Blackcurrant juice Guava Banana Blackberry Red Chilli peppers Red peppers Parsley Watercress Cabbage Strawberries Papaya Rockmelon Citrus fruits Brocolli Brussel sprouts Green peppers Cauliflower Kohlrabi Snowpeas


Fresh fruits Fresh vegetables Fresh herbs Tea - Green, black Red wine (resveratrol) Soy (isoflavones) Chocolate - dark Blue/black berries, Citrus fruits Brassica veges - esp Brocolli

Vitamin D

Herring - pickled Sardine - in tomato sauce Calamari Cheese Milk Egg yolk

Vitamin E

Wheat germ Sesame seeds - tahini Sunflower oil Safflower oil Oil- Maize, canola, olive, soy Egg yolk Almonds Sunflower seeds Olives

Vitamin K

Kale - raw Silverbeet Spinach Brocolli Parsley Oil - soybean, canola


Omega 6: Oils: Safflower, Corn, Sunflower, Soybean, Sesame Pine nuts Brazil nuts

Omega 3
: Fish Fish oils Flax seed oil Walnuts Oils: Walnut, Canola, Soybean



Dairy products: Cheeses/ Cream/ Milk/ Yoghurt Soy products: Milk/ Flour/ Tofu / Lethicin Whaet germ Figs - dried Eggs - yolk Licorice -confectionary Lemon zest Cinnamon - ground Oregano - dried Tahini Duck meat Almonds Brazil nuts Sunflower seeds Salmon Sardines Anchovy Snapper Crab meat Fish paste Shelfish Prawns Cabbage- Bok choy/mustard Spinach Basil - fresh Chives - fresh Parsley - fresh


Ham White fish Parsley - fresh Olives Cottage cheese


Liver- lambs fried Smoked fish / eel / trout Cocoa powder Soy flour Bulghur Flour - rye, wholemeal Oats & oatbran Wheat bran & wheatgerm Dried fruits: Apricots / currants / figs / dates Nuts: Brazil / almonds/hazelnut cashew / pine / pistachio/ cocoanut Sunflower seeds Tahini


Gelatine Bakers yeast Black tea (no milk) Yeast spread Bulghur Licorice Rabbit Duck Turkey (lean) Tahini Fish paste Sardines Mullet Zucchini Avocado Lettuce - iceberg Tomato

Iodised table salt Cocoa powder Milk - evaporated / skim Fish paste Egg yolk Sushi Oysters Scallops


Red meats Liver / kidney - chicken, lamb, veal Nuts: Almonds/ cashews/ hazelnut / pine Sesame seeds Tahini Eggs Oysters Mussels Parsley Cocoa powder Corriander - fresh Watercress Spinach Silverbeet Chicory Chilli - red & green Basil - fresh Tomato - sundried Soy flour Miso Tempeh Tofu


Red meat Chicken liver Pork, chicken, turkey Chicken Turkey Nuts: Almond / Brazil/ cashew Hazelnut/ Pecan, Peanuts/ Pine Pecan/ Pistachio/ Walnut Sesame seeds Tahini Sunflower seeds Yeast - bakers / dried / spread Licorice (confectionary) Chocolate (dark) Chilli powder Curry powder Mustard powder Goats milk Dried fruit: Apple / apricot/ currant/ dates/ figs/ sultana/ prunes Passionfruit Banana Blackberry Raspberry Legumes Shallots Spinach Parsley


Nuts: Almond/ cashew/ coconut hazelnut/ macadamia/ pinenut pecan/ walnut Licorice (confectionary) Sesame seeds - tahini Sunflower seeds Soy: milk, flour Tofu Tempeh Tomato - sundried Parsley Silverbeet, spinach chickpeas/ dried peas Soy: lethicin/ milk/ flour Tofu Sunflower seeds Sesame seeds - tahini Mushrooms Sweetcorn Tomato - sundried Green peas


Red meat Fish - all types Shellfish Yeast spread Cheeses - all Dairy: milk/ yoghurt Eggs Dried fruit: apricots/currants dates/ figs/ sultanas/ prunes Banana Berries- all types Stone fruit: peaches/ plums/ nectarines Grapes Legumes: Beans/chickpeas/ chickpeas/ dried peas Soy: lethicin/ milk/ flour Tofu Sunflower seeds Sesame seeds - tahini Mushrooms Sweetcorn Tomato - sundried Green peas


Red meat Fish - all types Yeast spread Cheeses - all Dairy: cream/ milk/ yoghurt Eggs Apples Apricots Banana Berries - all types Cherries Grapes Citrus fruits Melon Passionfruit Pears Nuts & Seeds: all types Soy: milk/ flour Tofu Tempeh Artichoke asparagus Avocado Brocolli Brussel sprouts Cabbage - all types Celeriac Celery Chilli - red, green Garlic Ginger Mushrooms Onions Parsnips Potatoes - all types Pumpkin Shallot Snowpeas Spinach Sweet potato - kumera Turnips Tomatoes - sundried All raw vegetables

Brazil nuts Mushrooms Eggs - yolk Flour:rice/rye/wheat/ wholemeal Red meats Oat bran Oats Wheat bran Wheat germ (fresh) Mustard powder Yeast spreads Cheeses - esp cheddar Sesame seeds - Tahini Fish - all types


Horsetail Oats Barley Millet Black tea Alfalfa Chickweed Potatoes Kelp


Egg yolks Red meats Chicken, turkey Nuts: Almond, brazil, cashew, hazelnut, macadamia, pine, peanut, pistachio Cocoa powder Mustard powder Yeast spread Licorice -confectionary Tomato - sundried Olives - green, black


Oysters Red meats Liver - chicken/ veal/ lamb Nuts: Brazils, almond, cashew, chestnuts, peanuts, pecan, pine, walnuts Chicken Duck Turkey Cheese - esp hard yellow types & blue vein Yeast spread Tomatoes - sundried Eggs Tahini Sesame seeds Sunflower seeds Garlic Green peas Parsley - fresh Basil - fresh Broad beans Butter beans Spinach Mushrooms



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