mind control and weight control


Supersizing – its happening and you don’t even know it. Supermarket large sizes have increased 10 times from 1970 to 2000. In restaurants large portions are 250% larger than regular portions and the size of our plates, bowls and glasses have increased over the years. In fact the average dinner plate has increased by over 35% in the last 40years.

By making simple changes to your eating environment is an easy way to reduce portion sizes and your waistline, without the stress of weighing food.  I guess eating off your side plate might be better for you than off your over sized dinner plate.

Another problem with large portion sizes is that it becomes increasingly difficult to gauge how much we are actually eating as the serving size increases. It does not matter how accurate or how diligent you are with estimating calories, larger portions can obscure any such changes, leading people to eat past the point where they with they would have stopped. Smaller regular meals are much better for your metabolism than larger meals less frequently.

The best way to decrease your serving sizes is to make changes to your food environment now. Some easy solutions are to buy smaller sizes when shopping or divide larger packages into smaller serving size portions when returning home. When eating out order two entrees instead of a main, or have half the dinner packed in a doggy bag (although some restaurants don’t allow this due to health reasons). Replace large tableware with smaller plates, bowls, and glasses and use smaller serving bowls and serving spoons. By making these changes you can avoid subtle overeating and even lose weight, without even thinking about it. Or start hitting the treadmill hard now…



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