Still suffering???

For many of us although we try and be good by eating healthy, exercising and not working ridiculous hours we still suffer from illness, pain and general unwellness.  This could mean that your current treatment program is not the best suited for you and needs to be reviewed.  Often it can just be the regularity of your treatments not being frequent enough and all it takes is increasing the frequency from monthly to maybe fortnightly for a short while until your body is back on track.  
Many of you have heard me preach the benefits of combining herbs, acupuncture and massage together and I stand by this.  Some of the patients I see recover best with not just one type of therapy but require a combination to get the best health benefits available.  Combining regular massage with regular acupuncture for muscular aches and pains, headaches and lower back problems is the perfect example of this.  
For those massage only patients at the clinic a common question I regulary get asked "does acupuncture hurt?".  To be quite honest it is usually the thought of having the pins that worry people more than actually having them done and people often kick themselves for not trying it sooner. 
So if your still expiercing pain or general unwellness maybe its time to increase the frequency of your acupuncture or massage treatments or maybe even taking the plunge and giving acupuncture a go - you may be really suprised at just how well it works for you.
Keep well and healthy
Leanne Smith
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