Anti-Ageing - On the inside and out

27 Mar 2018 11:08 AMLicensee Person Anti-Ageing - On the inside and out

A few simple steps to put you on the right foot to improve the vibrancy of your skin.

Anti-Ageing – on the inside and out

There are simple and effective ways to create positive change in diet and lifestyle for a healthier you. It’s about making a commitment to reap the rewards of looking and feeling energetic. One common problem, myself included, is a lack of commitment to themselves. Ageing gracefully starts with a healthy mindset and what you’d like to achieve.

1. Set small, achievable health promoting goals. Something simple like decreasing the amount of carbohydrates in your day or the sugar in your coffee, even the amount of coffee you have on a daily basis.

2. Prepare what you need. Fill your water bottle up and leave it so you can see it too drink it, keep your supplements on the kitchen bench. If you know you have a busy week meal prepare some quick and easy meals ready to go.

3. Visualise achieving your goals, mentally repeat the process in your mind.

4. Now just do it. New goals take time to become habits, 21 days as a guide. If you slip don’t stress just start again the next day. Sometimes its one step forward and two steps back.

A few secrets to healthy Ageing

Anti-oxidants are the key to preventing disease and keeping you healthier.

· Resveratrol – found in red grapes, blueberries, polygonum (a herb). It helps with longevity by protecting your cells from free radical damage.

· Curcumin – Turmeric’s main constituent. This beauty has various attributes including preventing chronic disease, anti-oxidant and strongly anti-inflammatory

· Quercetin – A bioflavonoid that helps support the integrity of blood vessels and helps your cardiovascular system.

Here are 5 simple dietary approaches.

  1. Enjoy two serves of fresh fruits and at least three cups of colourful vegetables daily – to give you the nutrients that will promote a healthy body. We have great markets in Currumbin on Saturdays at PBC and also farm fresh markets in the valley.
  2. Include protein-rich foods with every meal and snack – to aid tissue repair and help stabilise your energy levels. Keep some hard-boiled eggs in the fridge for a quick healthy protein snack.
  3. Include healthy oils, nuts and seeds in your diet – to support healthy memory and glowing skin. Avocado is great to add to your salad even your morning smoothie.
  4. Drink a minimum of eight glasses of water daily and avoid excessive alcohol, as hydration is essential for healthy skin as well as optimal brain function. Filtered water is a must.
  5. Enjoy a ‘freedom meal’ once a week. Allowing for an occasional treat helps create a balanced lifestyle.


Pigmentation – Visible Ageing.

Of all the skin irregularities out there - Sun soaked Australians are mostly concerned with pigmentation. With skin discolouration spanning from sun spots to age spots, melasma and post acne hyperpigmentation. When skin pigmentation is treated correctly, skin appears brighter, smoother and clear.

IPL technology really excels when it comes the treatment and removal of pigmentation. Specific wavelengths of 530nm or 560nm are absorbed by the melanin, shattering the pigmentation into tiny particles, which exit the body through the lymphatic system, and via the skin shedding the treated cells. Don’t be alarmed as following treatment it is normal for the pigmentation area to darken and sometimes crust, before flaking away to reveal new, healthy and clear skin. The number of treatments required depends on the depth and severity of the pigmentation.

Combined with Hydrodermabrasion you are looking at the ultimate in skin photo-rejuvenation with clearer, plumper and brighter skin. If you are not sure what treatment is best suited your skin then please phone for a complimentary skin consultation.

Introducing Petries Cottage NEW Antiaging arm and hand treatment
30min $55 (intro special $45 - April 2018)

Do you look down at your hands and wonder how they got to look so sun-damaged and tired? With Petries Cottage advanced technology I have come up with the ultimate in skin rejuvenation. Imagine an arm and hand Pure Fiji sugar rub exfoliation followed by an aquafuse hydrating and brightening Hydrodermabrasion (yes it can be done on other body parts), mask and massage. In 30min your skin with look and feel silky smooth and hydrated. This Treatment can be done once, twice or numerous times until you are happy with the results. If you have a few pigment spots that need IPL it can be added to your treatment at an addition cost.