Digestive Enzymes, the missing link

25 Mar 2019 1:49 PMLicensee Person
Digestive Enzymes, the missing link

Digestive Enzymes, the missing piece?

What are Biofilms
Biofilms are formations that occur when a group of micro-organisms like bacteria, fungi, parasites and viruses attach themselves to a surface and create a colony. What this means is that its not just one parasite or virus that is making life difficult for you; it’s a colony !!! These biofilms form a glue-like shield acting as a barrier and help the colony defend itself against antimicrobial treatments and our immune cells. For this reason, some wounds are difficult to heal and persistent infections keep recurring. Up to 80% of infections affecting the body’s system are associated with biofilm formation.

Digestive Enzymes and Biofilms
Chronic wounds leave the body highly susceptible to invasion by various pathogens that have the ability to construct an Extracellular Polymeric Substance (EPS). This EPS increase the biofilm up to one thousand-fold more antibiotic tolerant, therefore wound healing more difficult and persistent. Staph (s. aureus) is one particular biofilm that responds well to digestive enzymes like protease as an affective biofilm agent.

Gluten Sensitivity
The reasoning behind the increase of people suffering after eating breads, pastas with bloating, wind and fatigue etc is due to the 10-fold increase over the last 100 years over the amount of gluten found in wheat. This is due to the cross breading of wheat since the 1950’s with changes to the wheat making it harder to digest.

Within the intestinal wall are brush boarder enzymes (BBM) which assist with normal gluten breakdown, one in particular dipeptidyl peptidase IV (DPP IV). Protease peptidase provides DPP IV activity which breaks down gliadin and glutenin molecules into smaller peptides reducing the body’s exposure to gliadin. The lack of enzyme activity in the small intestine prevents the digestion of these peptide fragments. If left undigested can create immune responses that inflame the lining of the SI. The use of digestive enzymes assists this process if gluten has been ingested accidentally causing pain and discomfort.

The impact of impaired digestion will not only be localised to the gut by also to the rest of the body. By starting treatment in the gut especially with the use of digestive enzymes you can’t go wrong.

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