Do you have a pain in the BUTT !!!

28 Jun 2017 2:03 PMLicensee Person
Do you have a pain in the BUTT !!!

How a Piriformis stretch can help you get rid of sciatica, hip and lower back pain?
Have you ever had pain in your lower back and hip? Did you know it can result as an irritation of the sciatic nerve? Often this pain spreads down your legs into your feet and can cause numbness and pain. Although the sciatic nerve is deep in your buttock its closeness to the piriformis muscle can cause nerve pain and eventually poor movement and balance. You can alleviate swelling and pain from this muscle by stretching, massage, acupuncture and natural anti-inflammatories. We can help you with all of those but for some handy home hints here are a few stretches. This one in particular is easy and very effective.

To stretch you first must make sure you stay within your comfort limits. You don’t want to make this condition worse by aggravating the nerve.

  1. lie down with your knees bent upwards
  2. Cross your affected leg over the other by bending it up toward your chest,
  3. Grab your knee with one hand and the ankle with the other and pull slowly toward the shoulder which is in line with your ankle. You should feel a gentle stretch through the glutes in the buttock
  4. Hold for 30-60sec and then release.

There is a further link on our Facebook page on all the stretches available via utube or I can email you the link.

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