Gold Coast Naturopath: Natural treatments for Ross River Fever

22 Apr 2015 3:18 PMcassandra kahlert Gold Coast Naturopath: Natural treatments for Ross River Fever

Gold Coast Naturopath Cassandra Turner explores natural treatments for Ross River Fever.

According to recent media reports the number of Ross River Fever or Ross River Virus (RRV) patients has tripled in this 2014/15 summer.

Ross River Fever is a mosquito borne infectious disease caused by infection with the Ross River Virus. Importantly, RRV is not contagious and the illness is typically characterised by an influenza-like illness and polyarthritis. The virus is not contagious and is spread only by mosquitoes. 

Symptoms will vary between people with many patients generating a feverish condition with arthritic symptoms. Fatigue, sore throat and flu like symptoms are seen in many cases and often diagnosed as the flu.

In about 50% of people there is a rash with is usually over the whole body and maculopapular. Fatigue and joint pain commonly last the longest; usually 5-6 months. This is where naturopathy steps in. There is nothing but pain relief that can be done by the medicos.

Natural treatments for Ross River Fever

Naturopathically we use immune support herbs including Astragalus and Siberian ginseng, vitamins and minerals and for inflammation products such as turmeric and boswellia.

If you are presenting with symptoms there is so much that can be achieved through symptomatic relief and also treating the virus.

For fever management is a fundamental component of helping the body to fight an infection. We support this process, by using diaphoretic herbs which help to optimise the fever process and make it much more efficient in dealing with the infection. Importantly, care must be taken when managing fever in children and should only be done by an expert naturopathic practitioner.

Fish oil and evening primrose oil can assist with joint pain and reduce inflammation. They are not only recommended for Ross River Fever but also for arthritis sufferers.

Last of all eat healthy. Big amounts of garlic never hurt with a balanced diet including fresh vegetables and fruit for snacks between meals and avoid alcohol.

Ross River Fever can recur and can precede chronic fatigue syndrome and other post viral syndromes, so ongoing monitoring is recommended.

As always prevention is better than a cure.

To prevent being bitten by a mosquito take we recommend the following tips:

  • Get 1 mm insect screens fitted to your home, boat, caravan, or tent. Or alternatively use a mosquito net when sleeping.
  • Mosquitoes breed in still water (fresh and salty) so clean up mosquito breeding sites around your house.
  • Use a natural mosquito repellent
  • Wear light coloured loose fitting
  • Plant mosquito repelling plants in your garden and eliminate water bearing plants like Bromeliads, plant pots, garden ponds)
  • Stay indoors during dusk/dawn hours when mosquitos are most active
  • Dispose of all containers which hold water
  • Empty pot plant drip trays once per week or put sand around pot bases to absorb water.
  • Empty bird baths and pets’ drinking water at least every 3 days
  • Boats, canoes, and dinghies should be overturned or have the drain plug removed so that they do not hold water after rain
  • Screen all openings to tanks or wells
  • Keep fish ponds, ornamental ponds, dams, and unused swimming pools stocked with fish which will eat mosquito larvae. Goldfish and Australian native fish are recommended
  • Keep swimming pools disinfected or salted

For more information about treating Ross River Fever naturally speak to us today