Gold Coast Spray Tan: Choosing your spray tan specialist

26 Aug 2015 3:20 PM Gold Coast Spray Tan: Choosing your spray tan specialist

Spray tanning makes you feel and look fabulous. Need a spray tan on the Gold Coast, then pop in and see the team at Petries Cottage for a tan that suits your skin type.

Need a Gold Coast spray tan? Here's what you need to know

Gone are the days of turning orange from a spray tan. Spray tanning is a huge industry with many base colours ranging from reds, greens, blues and violets. There are many companies that argue that they have the best tan on the market; however every-body is an individual and therefore requires a different tan.

What may look fantastic on your friend may not look as fantastic on you and at Petries Cottage we pride ourselves in the diverse range of tanning solutions that we stock.

So what makes a good Gold Coast spray tan?

There are a few things to think about when you are looking where to get your spray tan.

  • Are they experienced in spray tanning?
  • Do they have an advanced spray tan machine and spray gun (or just a cheap $100 machine)?
  • Do they have a range of solutions to suit your specific skin type?
  • Is there correct ventilation in the room so you aren’t choking on fumes?
  • Is there adequate after spray tan drying equipment?
  • Have you been told the do’s and don’ts so you know what to expect with your spray tan.

What to do before your spray tan

Good preparation is essential for your spray tan. It is advisable to do any shaving, waxing or tinting at least 24hrs prior your tan; to avoid any skin sensitivity. Exfoliate your body the day before to remove dead skin cells leaving you silky smooth. Pay attention to rough skin areas like the knees, elbows, ankles and tops of your feet.

What to wear to your spray tan

Do not apply moisturizer, deodorant, make up or perfume to your skin as this will affect the result of your tan.

What to wear - You can wear a dark coloured bathing suit / underwear during your tan, or alternatively we offer disposable underwear. If you prefer no tan lines, feel free to tan in your birthday suit.

After your spray tan

Once your tan is applied, it dries to the touch in a few minutes. To assist this process we use a high powered fan in the room. Wear loose clothing as some minor tan may rub off on your clothes; this will easily wash out from most fabrics. We do sell spray tan dresses for $15, if you prefer. Try not to wear a bra as this could leave strap marks on your skin.


Depending on the tan you get depends on when you need to shower. If you don’t leave the tan on for long enough or you leave it on for too long – you will not get results you are after. Listen to what your tanner advises and if you have any questions please call the clinic.

When showering don’t be concerned if most of the initial bronzer washes off - this is part of the tanning process and your skin will continue to tan. Just a quick 30 second rinse is all your need; no need for soaps or body washes. When drying with a towel pat yourself rather than rub. Put on something comfy and your tan will continue to develop.

Moisturize twice daily; however not after your rinse off shower. Moisturising will reduce the rate at which your skin exfoliates and will keep your tan looking better for longer.

Other spray tan considerations

To help maintain your tan try to avoid long baths, hot spas and extended swimming. Also avoid products designed to exfoliate.

A spray tan does not protect you from the sun, so be sure to still use a sunscreen.

Our spray tan products

NEW – Mine Tanning – 1hr tan - 14% - Combo base, violet base and ash base.

Naked Tan – green based tan – 2 hour wash off – natural 8%, tanned 10%, exotic 12% and chocolate 15%

Moroccan Tan – Moroccan nights - 15% Violet base – 1 hour express tan – max time 4hrs. The longer you leave it the darker it becomes. Our most popular, it is a great colour and you only need to leave it on for an hour.

J Bronze – Violet base tan – 2-6hrs – classic bronze 12% and dark chocolate express 14% - the longer you leave it on the darker it becomes.

Eco Tan – 2 hour express – organic tan - NEW


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