How healthy is your immune system this Winter

11 Jul 2017 10:33 AMLicensee Person
How healthy is your immune system this Winter

A few simple nutrients to get you through Winter and beyond

As we know there are many vitamins, minerals, herbs, amino acids that can assist with improving your health and well being. Winter is the time to take heed of those that are more specific to your immune system. A few come to mind – vitamin C (an oldie but a goodie), zinc, quercetin, and lysine.

Vitamin C – Is high in fruits like berries, capsicum, guavas, kiwis, and oranges. The most effective way for a therapeutic does is to supplement however introducing some of these fruits into your diet you are assured a bonus hit. Too much vitamin C can lead to bowel tolerance; if you have had enough then your body will let you know with tummy grumbles. All you then have to do is decrease the dose slightly.

There are many benefits with Ascorbic Acid (vitamin C) including immune function and wound healing. It is a great anti-oxidant and anti-histamine. For these reasons it’s great at reducing a cold (duration and severity) and increasing anti-oxidant capacity of skin. Benefits are seen by improving tissue structure with your gums and mouth ulcers (especially if you swish it around your mouth with a bit of zinc). It is also great for helping you cope with stress, as it helps control diastolic and systolic blood pressure and cortisol response; however it’s in a high does and there are better herbal approaches available.

Studies have shown the benefits of Vitamin C in the prevention or eradication from viruses, bacteria and protozoa. Taken maternally it can benefit infant immunity and assist the prevention of allergic disease, wheezing and food allergy.

Zinc - One of my favourites by just considering its function in over 300 enzymes, powerful stuff. It is required for normal immune system function, normal psychological and neurological development and wound healing. It is an anti-oxidant and it has some amazing benefits on reproduction and infertility.

With its link to the immune system Zinc reduces the severity and duration of a cold including upper respiratory tract infections including pneumonia.  As a bonus Zinc has been clinically proven to improve aspects of verbal and visual IQ in children and also their neurodevelopment. Plus it’s great for improving mood and safe to take if you are on anti-depressants.

Zinc deficiency is associated with poor wound healing; through its binding to cell membrane repair proteins and metalloproteinases assisting autodebridement it assists this process. Here it can be used for mouth ulcers to diabetic leg ulcers.

Foods high in Zinc include oysters, beef, lamb, spinach, pumpkin seeds, squash seeds, nuts, dark chocolate, pork, chicken, beans, and mushrooms.

A few other nutrients to assist your immune system this winter include

Lysine – Antiviral (especially colds ores) and improves synthesis of collagen, carnitine and elastin. Quercetin – Anti-oxidant with strong antiviral benefits including rhinovirus, influenza, hepatitis, Epstein barr and respiratory viruses. It’s also anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory and anti-platelet. Full of phlegm and mucous then try some quercetin. 

Keep your immune system healthy this year with supporting and improving health and your health and wellbeing. If you need further immune help then please phone the clinic on 5534 7355