Low Iron is not just about taking Iron supplements...

31 May 2018 1:46 PMLicensee Person
Low Iron is not just about taking Iron supplements...

Low Iron is not just about taking supplements

Have you ever wondered why your body isn't absorbing the iron supplements you are taking?

Hepcidin (a peptide hormone) offered insight into how iron deficiency arises in people with inflammatory disease, despite taking adeqate iron in their diet or supplements. Hepcidin regulates iron absorption in the gut and is synthesised by the liver in response to inflammation. Under inflammatory conditions, serum iron levels fall due to iron trapping with macrophages and liver cells; depleting circulating iron. 

In another study it was shown that Vitamin D could increase the risk of anaemia. Vitamin D may affect iron regulation via an indulgence on hepcidin. If you have low iron levels, think about getting your vitamin D levels checked.

TIred all the time

Healthy red blood cell (RBC) production requires more than just Iron; B12 and folate are also essential. Beware of B12 deficiency in cases of vegetarians and vegans, pregnant and lactation, elderly and if you have gut issues. B12 deficiency can result in large, immature and dysfunctional RBC formation impacting health RBC development.

Vitamin C enhances iron absorption and is particularly helpful in maximising iron uptake especially from dietary sources (green leafy veggies are the best). Vit C increases mobilisation of iron from tissue stores.

Irons link to fatigue is due to irons role in mitochondrial respiration and oxygen transfer. Vitamin B6 is required as a catalyst for energy production.

Types of Iron for supplementation

Iron bound to cations, such as sulphate (iron sulphate), may disassociate in the gut releasing free iron. The absorption of disassociated free iron can cause symptoms of constipation and nausea. 

Iron bisglycinate is a more bioavailable form of iron; clinically proven to improve and maintain iron status. It is absorbed via peptide channels in the gut rather than competing for ionic channels with other minerals. 

Nutrients including highly bioavailable iron, activated B12 and 5-MTHF, vitamin C and B6, cellular energy production can be enhanced; hence optimal energy levels and reduced sensations of fatigue.

If you would like further information on iron supplementation including an iron rich diet please contact me on
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Cassandra Turner