Magic Muscles - Sartorius

26 Feb 2019 10:04 AMLicensee Person Magic Muscles - Sartorius

Magic Muscles - Sartorius

Since getting my hands back in the game of massage I thought it might be interesting for some further information about certain muscles of the body. We are all familiar with hamstrings, calves, traps etc, something a little more interesting that leads to learning and understanding your body.

Sartorius is actually the longest muscle in the body.  It is a long, thin, superficial muscles that runs the down the length of the thigh in the anterior (in front of) compartment (extends the knee and flexes the hip). Without going into too much detail of where it originates using crazy anatomical terms, The sartorius attaches to the hip bone (iliac spine), travels down the front thigh toward the inside of the thigh and connects to the inside of the tibia (shin bone).  

Its main action is to move the hip and knee joints but it is more of a synergist muscle, therefore it assists the actions of other muscles of the leg rather than being a big moving muscle itself. Its main use is to cross your legs. 

Activities that cause pain 

  • Sitting cross legged in the lotus pose or in any cross legged position for too long puts a lot of strain on the sartorius.
  • Slipping or misstepping,
  • Planting your foot and pivoting, making a sharp turn, eg netball
  • Pushing off your foot as in accelerating too quickly.

If you have bursitis (pes anserine bursitis in this case) you may have problems with your sartorius as it is inflammation of the medial portion of the knee. It usually occurs with overuse and felt with pain, swelling and tenderness. Pain associated with the sartorius (not just bursitis) can be felt inner thigh or outer hip. 

The sartorius muscles is the forgotten hip flexor muscle. I find the best way to stretch is from a laying down sideways position. The easiest way to explain is to show you a video. Click the image to the right. As you can see it was a little hard to explain. The other way is as you would your hip flexor from a kneeling lung stretch.

When massaging the sartorius you will feel it, especially if it is tight. I know mine is never fun by any means when it is massaged. If you do have any hip, knee or thigh pain think of your sartorius and book in for a massage or do some stretching.