Making babies is not just about Women

30 Oct 2019 9:26 AMLicensee Person
Making babies is not just about Women

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Dad’s to be need to step up to pitch

Treating the father to be during preconception and addressing dietary and lifestyle changes can profoundly affect the health of his children.

The top areas to address include:

Smoking – firstly and foremost damages sperm DNA, leading to congenital malformations and even childhood cancers. It can also affect the metabolic health of the child leading to increased body mass index.

Alcohol – FASD (foetal alcohol spectrum disorder) can reduce birth weight and impair cognitive function are the most common consequences.

Obesity - Animal studies have revealed obesity and high fat diets increase metabolic issues like insulin sensitivity (diabetes), pancreatic dysfunction and impaired glucose tolerance. Studies also implied affects the next two generations.

Stress – A big hinderance in most of our lives but particularly when it comes to conception. An increased prevalence of depression and anxiety across many generations.

Folate deficiency – Not just something women should be taking. Low levels are identified with methylation in sperm genes implicated in cancer, diabetes, autism and schizophrenia.

Now for the good stuff

Exercise, not only helps with weight loss and increased endorphins but changes in positive DNA methylation.

Nutrients that improve sperm DNA include – folate, vitamin C, E, zinc and other antioxidants. Coezyme Q10 increased sperm concentration, motility and morphology leading to super health sperm ready for conception.

In summary by supporting mums and dads to be in the preconception phases lead to easier conception and healthier babies.