My New Years Resolution...

4 Feb 2016 4:24 PMLicensee Person
My New Years Resolution...

Well its that time of year where everyone has started their new years resolutions and some of you are doing very well and others not so well. Here is a little bit of motivation for you. Due to my thyroid problems and poor dietary habits this past year I have put on some unwanted weight. I have been feeling uncomfortable, unhappy about the way I look and feel and it gets you a little down. I decided enough wallowing in self pity and time to do something about it. SO I have and I am already feeling great for it.

What I have done you may ask? Some think of it as a little drastic and I have done it before with some great results. It is the HCG diet. When I first did this diet about 5 years ago it was mentioned to me by a very dear friend but the thought of 500 calories a day confused me how could this be something that you could do everyday for 21 days and not feel like you wanted to pass out. I wanted to try it out before I recommended it to my naturopathic clients. Now 5 years later I find this the only fatloss diet that works for me and quickly.

9 days ago I started the diet again and already I have lost 6kgs. Being a naturopath I have changed the diet a little on the way but the “weight management” kit we now stock has helped with this as well. The kit contains the HCG drops (the key ingredient) and also a protein powder (low calorie, but high protein) and also some metabolic minerals.

For those of you that have tried the diet know that it is hard work and it takes a little to get your head around. One of the hard things for me is that we socialize with friends and love doing a Sunday lunch at the boat shed with a bottle of wine and relaxing; this had to stop (short term).

Tomorrows blog will go thought what I have been eating and how I have survived