NeuroInflammation and Depression

11 Mar 2016 1:49 PMLicensee Person
NeuroInflammation and Depression

NeuroInflammation and Depression


Recently I attended an amazing seminar on natural solutions for mood, compulsion and addiction disorders. What the seminar was based around was the development in neuroinflammation. In summary inflammation anywhere in the body can influence inflammation in the brain. You need healthy mitochondria for a healthy brain. There are numerous causes of brain neuroinflammation such as neurotoxins including environmental and endogenous; pathogens, head trauma, autoimmune conditions, aging and vascular problems like stokes and microbleeds. The main symptom of neuroinflammation is depression.

When looking at inflammation in the gut; dysbiosis, pathogens, autoimmunity, diet and chronic infections should be addressed. Drivers of system inflammation include stress, fatty liver, oxidative stress, trauma, drugs and toxins. Inflammation is systemic and a holistic and approach needs to be taken into account when looking at your overall health and wellbeing. Simply put we all have some form of inflammation in our bodies.

When it comes to switching off neuroinflammation the core treatment approach is around decreasing systemic and brain inflammation and its drivers and herbs like boswellia, turmeric and omega 3 fatty acids assist this process.

Your adrenals have a major role in the type of depression that can be present especially if there has been a stressful childhood. We see two major types of depression melancholic and Atypical. Melancholic sufferers are worse in the morning and suffer insomnia whereas Atypical are worse in the evenings and suffer hypersomnia with a non-restorative sleep. With these two points in mind – the use of medicos SSRI’s are majority of the time not affective. As the body already has too much melatonin.

What needs to be addressed is key nutrients like B vitamins (esp B12, folate, B3 and B6) plus omega 3 fatty acids, saffron, st johns wort, rhodiola and N-Acetylcysteine. If there is anxiety and depression kava is a great herb not with st johns wort.

This is a insight in what you can achieve naturally in treating depression and neuroinflammation.