Spray Tanning

19 Oct 2012 12:00 AMLicensee Person Spray Tanning

Why we give you the best spray tan on the gold coast - one reason is we use the best products around and our staff are thorough in their spray.

Most of us have tried a spray tan in our life; especially in more recent years. At petries cottage we stock a variety of spray tanning products - ones which we believe deliver the best tan possible. All our tans are green based so you will not go orange if you leave your tan on for the desired time. Most of the spray tans we use are either 100% organic or contain organic ingredients.


This currumbin based tan is 100% organic and therefore contains no chemicals or hidden nasties. EcoTan also has a few self tanning products including

  • Winter Skin - is a daily nourisher that dries instantly and builds into a beautiful honey tan after a few days of application.
  • Invisable tan -simply apply it to clean skin and watch it turn into a beautiful rich honey tan.
  • Tan Away glove - this exfoliant glove is an extreme exfoliator that is brilliant for pre and post tanning.
  • Spay Tan solution - Rich Honey Organic solution is a beautiful colour. It does have a longer dry time and for a darker tan you need to leave on for up to 8hrs; it does start to develop after 5.


Moroccan Spray Tan

Moroccan Tan is only new to the market and has tripple moisturisng lock formula. Its quick drying and a 2 hour tan (have a shower in two hours). Its the only tan on the market I know of that you can see colour within the 2 hours. Most tans, after you shower, still need time to develop. It comes in 8%, 10% and 12%. Contains organic ingrediants


Naked Tan

We have been using naked tan for many years now adn have always been happy with the tans. Nakd tan contain organic ingrediants and is a 2hr tan. It comes in a few shades of 8%, 10% 11% (alpha male - not as much bronzer as the other shades) and 12%.