Tibialis Anterior and Tendonitis

2 May 2019 10:48 AMLicensee Person Tibialis Anterior and Tendonitis

Tibialis Anterior and tendonitis

For those of you that have had a massage from me in the last few weeks would have noticed the tightness and tenderness felt when this particular muscle is massaged. It is the largest muscle located on the front of the leg and runs along the outside of your tibia (shin) bone and inserts near the big toe. You can feel it immediately beneath the surface. TA helps to flex the foot in an upward direction at the ankle and extend the toes.

When overused, tendonitis can form which may include damage and inflammation leading to pain. Pain can be felt at the front of the skin, ankle or foot especially during activities including walking, running (esp uphills), kicking, tight shoes or kneeling. Pain is usually gradual and worsening over weeks.

Factors that contribute to tendonitis

  • muscle tightness (particularly of the tibialis anterior or calf)
  • muscle weakness (particularly of the tibialis anterior and tibialis posterior)
  • joint stiffness (particularly of the foot and ankle)
  • inappropriate or excessive training
  • inappropriate running technique
  • inappropriate footwear
  • inadequate warm up
  • inadequate rehabilitation following a previous ankle or lower limb injury
  • muscle imbalances
  • being overweight

Treatment options

  • remedial massage
  • acupuncture
  • natural anti-inflammatories like turmeric and boswellia
  • stretches
  • joint mobilization
  • dry needling
  • ankle taping or bracing
  • exercises to improve strength, flexibility and balance
  • education on correct techniques
  • a gradual return to activity program

You can foam roll the area and also calf stretch which will ease the tension and pain. On most occasionas tendonitis will recover with the correct treatment and rest. If however this does not occur sometimes a CT, ultrasound or MRI might be needed for further diagnosis.

If you are wanting treatment book in for a massage or a naturopathic appointment and i can assit you further.