Cosmetic Acupuncture - Anti-wrinkle and breast enhancement

Shen Ming Facial - Anti-wrinkle treatment

The Shen Ming Facial is cosmetic acupuncture using ancient Oriental techniques to improve the beauty and youthfulness of the face and body. It is a rejuvenation process designed to help the face and whole body to look and feel younger. In other words; cosmetic acupuncture revitalises tired skin by improving elasticity and diminishing wrinkles.

According to acupuncture theory, the face expresses the nature of the heart spirit (Shen). When our spirit is at peace, it shows through our face, in our eyes, and through our smiles. A healthy Shen spirit promotes health and beauty and a glowing complexion; hense the name Shen Ming.

Initial Consultation
In your first consultation a series of questions will be asked; including a skin analysis, Chinese pulse diagnosis, facial diagnosis and tongue analysis to gain the full Traditional Chinese Medicine approach. This results in a natural and holistic approach to beauty and anti-ageing, not just a facial, not just a beauty treatment - Much more...
Shen Ming  the facial that impacts upon your entire being.

The procedure
This is not only cosmetic but also a relaxing treatment; including a facial cleanse, followed by acupuncture on the face and body, concluding with an exfoliation and moisturise. Living nature facial products are used which are 100% natural and organic. Laser treatment will diminish wrinkles further, adding to a more effective treatment. Results are seen towards the end of the 5week intensive treatment (2 sessions/week). It is recommended to have the intensive treatment for best results; a one off treatment won’t be affective. Includes before and after photos on request.

Breast Enhancement

If you want a 100% natural and non-scarring treatment to enhance your breasts then what you are looking for is Cosmetic Acupuncture. No knife, no scarring and no pain, but with lasting results and a holistic body treatment including pulse diagnosis.

The ideals behind the treatment 

  • To lift breasts and increase firmness
  • Increase cleavage
  • Tonify underlying muscle
  • Balance hormones – especially post natal and after breast feeding
  • Poor development in late teens
  • Also assisting - painful breasts, mastitis, inverted nipples, insufficient lactation

The treatment is very gentle yet effective and uses extremely fine needles; it is a painless process with no recovery time whatsoever. You can have great looking breasts naturally in as little as 5weeks.

I don’t need to tell you that acupuncture has been around for thousands of years, you know the benefits on everyday health and wellbeing are amazing; just think how your whole body will feel not just how great your breasts will look. The treatments are accumulative and over the weeks of treatment a gradual change takes place; not as initially dramatic as when you get an artificial enhancement.

Treatments are recommended as a package of 10 and are scheduled twice weekly without any breaks once commenced. Maintenance treatments are recommended every 6-8 weeks as the results are semi permanent and depend on age, general health and child birth. Better results are seen from ages 18-40. Measurements are taken every treatment to assess areas that need specific work. Photos can be taken at your requests to track results (no need to smile for the camera).

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