Cottage Candles


Cottage Candles are answering the call of concerns of the environment to help reduce the harmful, toxic chemicals in the air from petroleum based paraffin wax.  With our natural aromatic soy candles in various sizes and colours, you get all the great assets of a candle without burning, black soot petroleum expelled by a traditional candle.
Paraffin wax is derived from petroleum whereas Soy Wax is created from natural Soy Beans. Paraffin burns hotter, emits black soot and can contain toxic materials whereas Natural Soy burns cleaner, cooler and is Biodegradable and is 100% non toxic. Natural Soy wax releases fragrances naturally, faster and longer. 
If it’s a specific colour you are after or an aroma we can create it for you. If you want a particular container filled with beautiful soy wax we can do that too. 
Most colours can be from light to dark shades
  • White
  • Sky blue
  • Magenta
  • Red
  • Pink
  • Yellow
  • Teal
  • Cream
Aromas can be single shots or double shots
  • Coconut lime – Luscious blendof juicy citrus fruits & creamy coconut.
  • Coconut – pure scented coconut, reminiscent of a tropical island.
  • Frangipani – A lovely bouquet, summer.
  • Ripened Raspberry – Sun ripened summer raspberries, juicy sweet.
  • Montego Bay – tropical blend of lemon, lime and mandarin + a touch of coconut and vanilla.
  • Hawaiian Breeze – a tropical blend with fruit aromas, jasmine and lavender
  • Pink Sands – pink grapefruit blended with sweet fruit and melons, balanced with violet, geranium, vanilla and musk – a wonderful fragrance.
  • Passionfruit – sweet, tangy, tropical fragrance; just like passionfruit
  • Sweet Pea & Vanilla – A gorgeous fragrance, fruity, leafy, vanilla and musky. (coming soon)
  • Tuberose -  Modern, citrusy, freesia, warm musks, exotic, Lea’s ultimate favourite (coming soon)
  • Vanilla Pear – creamy vanilla blended with ripe pear.
  • Wild Berry – Strong & uplifting, aroma of rich, ripe berries.
  • Lavender – Herbal Lavender, calming.
  • Vanilla – A very classic and simple vanilla fragrance.
  • Lemon Myrtle – Green herbal combined with light citrus.
  • Lychee and Black tea – A delicate aroma of black tea complimented by exotic lychee, bold and uplifting.
  • Wine and Roses – strong fragrance of both wine and rose. 
  • Wild Honeysuckle – bouquet of  honey suckle and jasmine and sweet lily.



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