Health Teeth = Healthy Heart

You might have thought that this was all about keeping your mouth happy and simply keeping your teeth and not having to get false ones where you are older. But by brushing your teeth twice a day you are also protecting your heart.

In a recent study researchers studied almost 12 000 adults and found that those who brushed their teeth twice a day had a 70 per cent lower risk of heart disease than those who brushed less than this. The reason is that poor mouth hygiene can mean that your mouth becomes a focus for both inflammation and infection.

Inflammatory chemicals generated in the gum region due to lack of brushing can get into the rest of the body and result in hardening of the arteries. Additionally, bacteria living in plaque that can build up when brushing is not done frequently can get into the blood stream and increase clotting. By hardening arteries and increasing clotting, lack of tooth brushing has a significant impact on heart risk.

Don't forget to brush at least twice a day and preserve that pearly smile.

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