July Specials and Newsletter


Does your Beauty Routine need a Make-Over?
Is your skin feeling tired and lifeless? Are you using the same products over and over, year after year expecting a different result? For the latest in innovative skin care products speak to our skin care professionals. We specialize in restorative treatments and home care products that provide great results – results you can see.

With age, you may notice that skin that was once taut is now becoming a little lax, a little dull. Although genetics play a huge part in the amount of elasticity, you can give your skin an immense lift with our signature facials and/or skin treatments. Rich in skin-cushioning collagen and firming elastin they act like a support stocking for the skin keeping your skin firm.

What better time of year than when your skin needs it most; winter. For further information about Hydrodermabrasion,  Simplicite facials and Manuka honey facials or Venus Swan give us a call Phone 5534 7355.
Petries Cottage skin treatments are designed to make you feel & look your best.


Fat blast your way into Spring with Venus Swan

Venus Swan uses MP2 technology which is an innovative synergy of magnetic pulse and radio frequency targeting cellulite. The head of the Venus Swan heats up to 40 0C applying a controlled trauma to the skin and subcutaneous layer hence melting fat cells and increasing collagen and elastin production. This is an amazing treatment and we love the results we are getting with clients. Typically areas targeted include thighs, arms, stomach, gluts and face.

For optimum results it is ideal to have Venus once a week for 10 weeks; however we are running a trail for 6 week sessions and one off’s to see if Venus is for you. This offer includes



*      1 session - $330 – July only $180 (only valid for 1)

*      6 sessions - $1800 – July only $1450 plus 6 thermodome sessions to increase metabolism and detoxification

*      10 sessions - $2800 – July only get 6 G5 treatments to use any time (value $550)

Buttocks or Arms or Stomach

*      1 session - $250 – July only $100 (only valid for 1)

*      6 sessions - $1200 – July only $890


To take us up on this offer or for a
FREE body consult call us today
Ph: 5534 7355


10 sessions - $1500 – July only get another body part half price (excludes legs)


What is Pure Fiji made of?
The base of all Pure Fiji products includes a combination of Oils – Coconut, Dilo, Macadamia, Sikeci and Passionflower. These are grown organically in the wild rather than a farm environment and harvested sustainably with little impact on the plants themselves or the surrounding environment – another reason we love Pure Fiji Products.

  • *      Coconut – Moisturizes, nourishes, firms and protects skin plus unclogs pores.
  • *      Dilo (our fav) – Regenerates skin cells, highly moisturizing and is a natural healer.
  • *      Macadamia – Excellent for dry or aging skin.
  • *      Sikeci – Highly emollient and refining.
  • *      Passionflower – Soothes and calms. Regulates sebum production.

Plus these other key ingredients

  • *      Aloe Vera – Anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, acne, sunburn, insect bites – mostly in the dilo healing range of products used for eczema, dermatitis and scaring.
  • *      Sugarcane – Releases ageing skin cells, firms and tightens skin, humectants.
  • *      Dilo Leaf – Anti- Inflammatory and anti-microbial.
  • *      Pineapple – Removes ageing cells and brightens skin – used in the facial cleanser giving a slight tingle.
  • *      Ngi Grass – Provides 24hr hydration.
  • *      Mint – Anti-inflammatory treats acne.
  • *      Lavender – Anti-septic, anti-inflammatory treats eczema, burns and acne.

Pure Fiji Beauty Tips – Nourishing Exotic Body Oil
The oil that helps with practically every beauty issue out there!!! Feel the buzz when you find a new beauty product that actually works. Pure Fiji Exotic Oil made with organic virgin Coconut oil, Macadamia, Dilo and Sikeci oils. It’s a unique all-natural product that boasts amazing skin and hair benefits, with the added bonus of being super hydrating and healing on skin

  • *      Body Oil – Apply after showering as a moisturizer for all day hydration and nourishment.
  • *      Facial Oil – The perfect blend to keep skin supple and combat fine lines.
  • *      Massage Oil – A nourishing massage oil for moisturized softer skin – upgrade your next massage for just $10.
  • *      Stretch Marks – Helps them to fade quicker while nourishing the skin to speed the healing process.
  • *      Bath Oil – Add a few drops to bath water for fragrance and moisturization.
  • *      Moisturizing Lips – Apply before bed for plumper, fuller lips.
  • *      Removing Makeup – All natural make up remover and wont dry your skin.
  • *      Hot Oil Hair Treatment – Combat dandruff and balance scalp hydration with a nightly Exotic oil treatment. Apply lightly to roots and massage in. Also stimulates growth.
  • *      Blow Out – Apply a few drops to damp hair and blow dry.
  • *      Softening Cuticles – Apply Exotic Oils to your fingers twice a day for soft cuticles.
  • *      Treating Dry Ends – You only need a pinch of Exotic Oil to the ends of your hair to help dry, damaged tips.
  • *      Protecting Against Razor Burn – Apply before shaving to prevent irritation.
  • *      Dry Feet – Apply to your clean feet before bed after your Pure Fiji Sugar Rub, slip on some socks and awake to smoother feet.
  • *      Insect Repellant – Insects don’t like the feel of oil on your skin or use the Pure Fiji lemon grass Insect Repellant.

Winter Wonder Specials
During the cooler months we are a little quieter in clinic which makes it a great time for you to take advantage of our day of the week specials. Every day of the week we will be doing specials & extras on facebook.

  • *      MANIC MONDAY - Being the first day of the working week it is all about getting things done and moving on to the next task at hand. Refresh with an express facial and a foot rejuve 45min for $55 OR an express naturopathic consult for $55.
  • *      Two for TWOSDAY -2 for 1 - you and a friend get two treatments for the price of one. This includes – spray tans, allergy testing, naturopathic consults, G5 treatments, express facial, feet R&R. treatments must be on the same day.
  • *      WACKY WEDNESDAY - Keeping with tradition we are continuing hump day massages - Wednesday’s and Tuesdays $60.
  • *      THIRSTY THURSDAY - In the cooler months your skin needs extra hydration and care. Hydrate your skin with a free serum and glycolic mask upgrade with Hydrodermabrasion $70 OR slip into a coma with a manuka honey facial with a free guava hand mask treatment $110.
  • *      FIJI FRIDAY - What a great start ready for the weekend. Enjoy 10% off all Pure Fiji Treatments and products. 
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