Mini Facials - Lonvitalite

Feeling rushed and no time to get a facial... Try one of our mini facials with a take home mask to do in your own time. 

Our mini facials include and cleanse and exfoliate but the best bit is we use Lonvitalite masks. 

Collagen Protein Wrinkle Removing & Moisturising Mask

  • Accelerates skin metabolism, reinforces skin growth, tames and smoothes out fine lines, and enhances skin moisturizing function.
  • Recovers balance between skin oil and moisture, increases expanding between cell tissues, quickly increasing moisture content up to 12%,
  • 100% natural collagen protein provides skin structure with new energy, sooths and replenishes the skin with nutritional ingredients, and recovers skin elasticity.
  • Improves skin structure and rejuvenates skin.

Whitening, Moisturising & Pigment Taming Mask

  • Highly moisturising and nourishing; effectively whitens skin, smoothes out wrinkles, and replenishes skin with moisture.
  • Can reduce skin damage caused by exposure to UVA and UVB
  • Grume essence extracted from seaweed has the function of heat relieving and toxin expelling, and strengthening blood circulation
  • Boosts skin metabolism allowing for intensely hydrated skin

Collagen Firming & Wrinkle Removing Red Wine Mask

  • Supply Collagen, mildly seal water in the skin, improve skin luster, fade wrinkles, promote the regeneration of damaged cells
  • Collagen helps soften the epidermis to improve luster and assist hydration
  • Provides calm soothing relief to the skin from over exposure to the sun
  • With 300% water absorption, the nutrients instantly penetrate, repairing the skin tissue, removing fine lines and fading deep wrinkles
  • Improve oxygen in skin, promoting blood circulation, fade dull and yellowish tone, firm the skin and make it supple and taut.

Collagen Moisturising Eye Contour Crystal Mask

  • Eliminates dark circles and fine lines that appear under the eyes as a result of age
  • Reduce fat storage around the eye area and accelerate the metabolism for water storage around the eyes
  • Instant firming effect smoothing out fine line and wrinkles
  • Rejuvenates the eyes giving your eyes a youthful and bright appearance

Crystal Moisturising & Whitening Hand Masks

  • Our hands are often said to be one of the first giveaways of a person’s age. Now you can give your hands the same care that you give to your face with the LonVitalité range of hand masks
  • Assists in eliminating age spots and the appearance of fine lines on the hands as a result of age
  • Provides calm soothing relief to the skin from over exposure to the sun
  • Instant firming effect making the hands softer and hydrated
  • Highly moisturising and nourishing; smoothing out wrinkles, and replenishing the hands with moisture.



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