Steamy therapy which is good for our body

The aim of the Steamy Wonder steam treatment is to rise the body's core temperature; this in turn facilitates detoxification through sweating and enhances the absorption of therapeutic products through the pores. The temperature of the canopy ranges from 20-40 degrees, although during this time the temperature can be decreased if you become uncomfortable. Your body is covered similar to lying in an igloo, but toasty warm; although your head remains out of the canopy at all times.

Further Information on Steam Therapy

We all know sweating is therapeutic but did you also know these interesting facts?

Circulatory System
Your heart rate increases as much as 50% while you are in the steamy wonder, and there is also an increase in cardiac output. Steam also increases blood flow to the skin which produces vasodilatation bringing vital nutrients to the skin and stimulating cellular activity and growth.

Metabolic Rate
Steam also increases your metabolic rate which we know burns calories but steam also improves circulation and promotes water weight loss (fluid retention)

The heat of the steam speeds up the chemical processes in the body making steam therapy great for detoxification. As the pores open up, the sweat glands start to excrete ridding the body of metabolic and other waste products. This process also helps reduce fluid retention.

Skin Benefits
Your body responds to the rise in body temperature by excreting sweat to cool the skin and blood. Sweat emulsifies the fat on the skin more effectively than water; therefore cleans the skin of sebum and bacteria. The keratin in the outer layers of the skin softens and become more hydrated creating optimum conditions for the absorption of clays and other therapeutic products.

Clay Steam Treatments
The warmth of the steamy wonder opens the pores, softens the skin and allows nutrients to be absorbed. This then allows for a lighter application of cay products, hence a more effective treatment. You no longer need to be wrapped in towels and smothered in doonas for the clay to be effective as the steam does it all.

•    For a 10-15 minute treatment allow 20 minutes - $20
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